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Summer Riding Camp (Day, Overnight & Adults)

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We are in for yet another great year! We have plans that will make any horse lover jump for joy. We now have Adult and Overnight Camp, in addition to Day Camp. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Camp Calendar

2016 Adult Riding Camp

Dressage June 8-10 and 2-Phase June 11

$300 on your own horse, $450 if you rent one of ours.

Soup to nuts camp for adults! Have you ever felt envious of the fun that the kids have at camp? You can do it too!! Not only will you have lessons, lunge lessons, and lectures, but you will have practical labs, horse care labs, and even a tie dye night with wine and cheese of course!!! We welcome you to enter in the Dressage Show and 2-Phase on Saturday to practice your new skills. Stalls available for the extra night as needed.

2016 Overnight Riding Camps

$900 if you own your own horse, $1150 if you need to rent one.

Horse Show week, June 20-24

Participants will be learning about the hows of horse showing in the extra categories like fitting and show, trail, and pleasure, as well as jumping, equitation and dressage. We will be attending the High Horses Horse Show on Weds, and we will be hosting a show at the farm that Saturday. Horse show fees will be around $325. Campers will be encouraged to volunteer at the show if they are not competing. There will be a fitness aspect to this camp, as riders are athletes, and athletes need to be fit. (Some schools will not be out as of the first day, contact us to see how we can accommodate that so your show rider can participate!)

Dressage week, July 18-22

Participants will be learning in DETAIL about dressage. They will be riding in lessons, and on the lunge line, they will be encouraged to practice mounted and unmounted. The riders will have a lecture a day and will be given a few homework assignments. We will study horses and riders right down to the skeleton. There will be a fitness aspect to this camp, as riders are athletes, and athletes need to be fit. We will end the camp with the option to participate in the CVDA Summer show with a Critique day on Sat and a show on Sun. Show fees will be around $350, and if the riders want to stay with us for the weekend and we will transport them to and from the show, the weekend stay will be $85. Horses will be stabled at GMHA, stabling fees will be included in the entry. PRE ENTRY REQUIRED! Please see the CVDA website for more info.

Event week, August 1-5

Participants will be learning about all three phases of eventing. They will be riding in lessons, go out for a cross country school, based on their ability, and they will have lunge lessons. There will be daily lectures and we will be dissecting the horse, rider and training in detail. This camp is a dual camp with overnight and day camp options. The activity at the end of the week is still TBA.

YDF Camp, August 8-10

Participants must be on their way to the Youth Festival on Thurs, so qualifications are needed. Please contact Heidi if you are not sure if you have qualified. ALSO Entries are due long before this date. FCRA will be sending in Entries June 20. If you would like to come but are not on a FCRA team please join us! This is a dual camp with overnight options. The entire camp will be based on final preps for the show. Overnight cost is $450, Day camp costs are $290, the camp will run 8-5 for day camp. Riders will be working on their tests, their equitation, and their books as well as their prep for travel.

2016 Day Camps

Campers will be learn not only what goes into routine care for a horse, but also to note health issues, personality issues and how to manage them, and the daily expectations for horse ownership. The kids will have one mounted session during the day in lesson format with fun "extras" such as, but not limited to, games, bareback, trail riding, and showing. More details can be found in the Day Camp Packet below.

$425 per week. Show fees are separate and available upon request. Event camp requires pre entry for event, we can help with that.

June 20-24 Horse Show day camp

This camp will go to the High Horses Benefit show on Weds June 22 as well as be part of setting up and organizing the FCRA Home show. Show fees extra.

The following day camps are suited for all stages of riders who want to enjoy horses all day long and develop their skills. We have openings for beginners as well!

June 27-July 1 Day camp

July 5-July 8 Day camp - Tues to Fri $375

July 11-15 Day camp

July 25-29 Day camp

August 15-19 Day camp

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