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Summer Riding Camp (Day, Overnight & Adults)

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We are in for yet another great year! We have plans that will make any horse lover jump for joy. We now have Adult and Overnight Camp, in addition to Day Camp. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Camp Calendar

2016 Camp details are coming soon

2015 Adult Riding Camp

  1. June 8-10 Dressage  Cost: $300 on your own horse, $450 if you rent one of ours. Small home show on Weds PM.
  2. Aug 17-19 Event  Cost: $250 on your own horse, $400 if you rent one of ours, includes the horse for the day of Hitching Post Event.

2015 Overnight Riding Camp

Overnight Camp is 5 days long and is designed based around the competition at the end of the week. Each day there will be a lesson and practice, as well as a lecture and practical work designed to enhance the understanding of the competition. Each rider is encouraged to bring their own horse or they will be assigned one of ours. It will be the rider's responsibility to care for that horse, and to share in group stables as well. Parents are encouraged to join us for the competition and kids go home when they are finished competing. More details can be found in the Overnight Camp Packet below.

Cost: $900 if you own your own horse, $1150 if you need to rent one.

  1. June 22-26 Horse Show - Campers may compete or volunteer in High Horses Horse Show on Weds June 24. (approx fees for show $300)
  2. June 29-July 3 Dressage Camp - Campers may compete or volunteer at the Tunbridge Horse Show, Pre entry required. (approx fees for event $350)
  3. July 27-July 31 Horse Care - Campers will learn stable management and basic horse health care.
  4. Aug 11-14 Dressage and Horse Care Camp - PLEASE NOTE: This camp starts on Tuesday. Campers may compete or volunteer in the open Dressage Show of the Lippitt Morgan on Saturday. Pre entry required. (approx fees for event $350) Reminder this camp runs Tues through Sat.

Overnight Camp Packet

Overnight Camp Schedule

Overnight Camp Application

Overnight Camp Packing List

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Day Riding Camp

This year campers will be learning not only what goes into routine care for a horse, but also to note health issues, personality issues and how to manage them, and the daily expectations for horse ownership. The kids will have one mounted session during the day in lesson format with fun "extras" such as, but not limited to, games, bareback, trail riding, and showing. More details can be found in the Day Camp Packet below.

Cost: $425 per week. Show fees are separate  and available upon request.  Event camp requires pre entry for event, we can help with that.

  1. June 22-26 Horse Show
  2. June 29-July 3 Event Camp
  3. July 6-10 Intro to horses and horse care
  4. July 13-17 Intro to horses part B
  5. July 27-For the love of horses, horse care

Day Camp Packet

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Day Camp Schedule

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